Tabletop Gaming Easter Gift Guide

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Easter is not just a time for chocolate eggs and bunnies; it's also a perfect opportunity to surprise the tabletop gamer in your life with a thematic gift. Whether they are into strategy games, fantasy adventures, or family-friendly board games, this guide offers a basketful of Easter-themed gifts that are sure to bring joy and add a festive touch to their gaming collection. From bunny-filled adventures to egg-citing expansions, find the perfect Easter gift for every type of board gamer.

Egg-ceptional Board Games

1. Bunny Kingdom - Lead your clan of rabbits to glory by acquiring territories and building cities in this strategic drafting game. It's perfect for the gamer who loves planning and strategy, all wrapped up in an adorably thematic package. Add our card gaming accessories to make your gameplay easier here.

2. Dixit: Easter Expansion - Add a touch of Easter to the imaginative game of Dixit with this seasonal expansion pack. Featuring dreamlike illustrations with Easter motifs, it's a great way to refresh the game for the holiday. Add one of our playmats to make your storytelling easier on the go- shop the range here.

3. Carcassonne: Easter Edition - A special Easter edition of the classic tile-placement game, complete with Easter egg tokens and bunny meeples. It's a festive twist on a beloved game, ideal for family game night. Add a easter themed drawstring bag to keep your tile drawing themed too- see our patterns here.

Cozy and Family-Friendly

1. Happy Bunny - In this cooperative family game, players help a bunny pick carrots to bring back to the bunny family. It's simple, sweet, and perfectly themed for Easter, making it a great choice for younger gamers. Add one of our playmats to make your gaming easier on the go- shop the range here.

2. The Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Herb Witches Expansion - Add a new dimension to your Quacks of Quedlinburg game with this expansion, introducing Easter herbs and a new "witch" mechanic. It's perfect for spicing up the game and adding more strategy for seasoned players. Our Quacks draw bags are lined for no sneak peeking of the tokens too- get yours here.

Extra Special Additions

1. Gaming-Themed Easter Basket - Instead of the traditional Easter basket, create a gaming-themed basket filled with small games, dice sets, and Easter treats like chocolate dice and bunny-shaped gummies. Our Dice range has some amazing colour combos- see them here.

2. Playmat with Easter Design - Enhance their gaming setup with a high-quality playmat featuring a beautiful Easter-themed design. It not only looks great but also protects their games and components- see the range here.

3. Easter Dice Tray- If your RPG campaign has a Springtime Bunnies Easter Theme, you might want to complete your table with a themed dice tray. Our Dice Rolling Trays come in 4 styles, for travel gaming to a game night centrepiece- see the range here.

This Easter, delight the tabletop gamer in your life with a gift that combines their love for gaming with the festive spirit of the season. Whether it's through strategic conquests, magical adventures, or family fun, these Easter-themed gifts are sure to add joy and a touch of whimsy to their holiday. Happy Easter, and happy gaming

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