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If you're all about that adrenaline rush, get ready to buckle up with Heat: Pedal to the Metal. This board game is all about getting behind the wheel, pushing the pedal to the metal, and driving your way to victory. You got to keep an eye on your speed though, because if you're not careful, your car might just overheat!

So first things first - this game is a total space invader! When you pop open the box, you're gonna find 2 double-sided race tracks. That gives you 4 super cool courses to pick from, but be warned, they're not shy about hogging up your table space. So if you're playing on a smaller table, you might wanna clear some room. A Standard Card Organiser would be a huge help for managing the draw decks in the game!

Every player gets their own deck of cards in their color and a player board. The setup is pretty neat - there's even a spot on your board for your draw pile and discard pile. All you need is a wooden card rail to keep your hand of cards in check, and you're ready to rev your engines!

Alright, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Once you've got the hang of all the symbols on the board, you're basically playing a game of draw and play. The trick is to move your car along the track without zipping past those corners or letting your engine get too hot. Trust me, it's a wild ride!

We gave it a spin with two players and it took us about an hour (that included getting to grips with the rules and all). But let me tell you, as we got closer to the finish line, things really started to pick up speed. You can almost feel that trophy in your hands!

Unfortunately Mr K's blue car slipstreamed me in the final corner to take the win, but still a fun game! For me it played like Formula D but the cards instead of dice rolls allowed for a little more strategy than the luck of the roll!

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