Wooden Tabletop Gaming Dashboard Organiser- Terraforming Mars

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This player dashboard is perfect for games of Terraforming Mars, keep you player area tidy and your cubes in order with our trays!

Sold individually, each tray comes with our printed inlay and is smaller than the included Terraforming Mars game player boards to help reduce the table footprint of the game and avoid any knocks or spills to your cubes during gameplay.

Made and hand finished from laser cut wood, these Terraforming Mars Dashboards come assembled with our own designed inlay to replace the included game board, and as an added bonus they fit in the game box too!

🎲Dashboard Information🎲

◾External Size - 21.6cm x 14.3cm x 0.7cm
◾Glossy printed inlay with black MDF frame
◾Comes fully assembled and ready to go
◾Sold as single trays so you only need to buy how many players you need
◾Fits inside the base game box (without expansions)
◾Accessories NOT included

🏠Our Processes🏠

◾Our dashboards are cut in house on our laser
◾The inlay is designed by us and printed on glossy paper
◾Trays are fully assembled prior to shipping

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