Notebook - Board Game Score Tracker

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Board Game Score Book

This score tracking sheet is designed to be versatile, perfect for a multitude of games - from classics like Scrabble, Chess, and Monopoly to modern favourites like Catan, Wingspan and Ticket to Ride. No matter what your board game choice is, this printable book has got you covered!

🎲Design Features🎲

◼️Header for Game Name and Session
◼️Space for up to 6 players and 5 rounds
◼️Blank header bars to allow for round by round, specials and bonuses plus final total
◼️Notes space for game related info
◼️Page size 15 x 22cm, "book shelf size" for easy storage with your games

Never worry about running out of score sheets in the middle of a game!

Please note this book is designed by BoardGameSolutions and printed by Amazon Direct Publishing UK.