Miniature Gaming - Airbrush Vinyl Stencil Sets

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Set of 3 vinyl Stencils

Set of 3 vinyl stencils, 1 large and 2 small, designed to be used when airbrushing terrain or miniatures etc.

Hexagons- Size of the individual large hex is 8mm and the small hex is 5mm. Sheet sizes are 7cm X 8cm large and 4.5cm X 5.5cm small.

Scales- Size of the individual large scale is 11mm and the small is 8mm. Sheet sizes are 10cm X 9.5cm large and 6cm X 6.5cm small.

These are cut out of self adhesive vinyl, intended for single use but if used carefully and reapplied to the supplied backing sheet the adhesive can last for multiple applications.

I have created the design of the grids myself.