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Arkham Horror LCG Gift Set

Available in 1-5 players, our unique gift sets contain a selection of our accessories for the Arkham Horror Card Game. Each set comes with one main table mat, one Act/Agenda/Encounter Mat, one Chaos token draw bag, one set of travel path arrows and your chosen number of player sets. Each player will receive a personal dashboard mat, wooden draw/discard holder and wooden card rail.

There are 5 colour options to choose from for the player mats, and 3 styles of wood for the wooden accessories!

Table Mat- Size 47 x 31cm 

Act/Agenda/Encounter Mat- Size 45 x 21.5cm

Dashboard Mat- Size 45 x 21.5cm

All mats are printed full colour onto 1.5mm rubber backed neoprene

Chaos Draw Bag- Size 15 x 10 x 10cm - Eldritch symbol embroidered in gold onto black polycotton with plain polycotton inner.

Travel Path Arrows - Size both ways arrow 4cm x 1cm; single way arrow 3.2cm x 1cm - Set of 20 cut from 3mm colour acrylic

Draw/Discard Holder - Size 13cm x 8.5cm x 8cm; Card Space- 9.5cm x 7cm x 3.5cm - Laser cut and supplied flat pack for self assembly, slots together.

Card Rail - Size 29 x 3cm - Laser cut and supplied flat pack for self assembly, slots together (add a small amount of pva/wood glue if needed)

Free worldwide shipping is available on these sets too!

Please note this is not an officially licensed product- these are all fan made items made by BGS. Items are available separately in the Arkham section of the store. The table set contains items worth £52 and each individual player set has items worth £24.