Book Dice Tray - Necronomicon

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This Eldritch Horror Necronomicon Dice Tray is the perfect gift for fans of Lovecraft, Tabletop Gaming, Board Games, Wargames and DnD. The hidden tray slides out of the wooden book design, so it looks fab on your shelf or table!

If it’s a square wooden dice tray, octagon dice tray or neoprene folding dice tray you want, we’ve got a huge range of designs in our store.

Made and hand finished from laser cut walnut veneered MDF with printed neoprene inlay for a statement tray with an even rolling surface.

Prevents lost dice, crawling around on the floor for that elusive D20, chasing the dog for a die they've picked up, arguing over a strategically placed corner die wedged in the carpet etc...

🎲Dice Tray Information🎲

◾External Size - 14cm x 18.5cm x 4.2cm
◾Rolling Tray Size - 15cm x 10cm x 2.5cm
◾Inlay on printed neoprene
◾Laser cut from walnut veneered MDF and hand oiled for a unique stained finish
◾Dice NOT included

🏠Our Processes🏠

◾Our dice trays use rubber backed neoprene for their bases/liners
◾Printed by us in house using vegan friendly sublimation inks
◾We cut and make our own wooden books on our laser

We design and make these 100% in house so if you have any custom requests please let us know.

Every dice tray gets a test roll prior to packing to make sure you get the best rolling tray surface possible for your dice!