All-in-One Dice Tray- Chaos Star Warhammer Inspired

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Individual Gaming Tray for Tabletop Gaming

Inlay on printed neoprene

Tray for rolling dice / tabletop games

External Size - 23.5cmx20cmx3cm; Internal Rolling Area Size - 15.5cm x 15.5cm x 2.2cm

Constructed from black MDF, this tray is designed to be an all-in-one system for individual players for any game night. The tray features a central area lined with printed neoprene for rolling dice, two lined side shelves for saving rolls or keeping a pen handy, and a built-in card rail with 3 rows, ideal for storing multiple in play or hand cards. Keep your pen and spell cards handy for a D&D session, or save your throws in a roll and write game!

Dice, Pen and Cards NOT included

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