Happy (?) 2021!

Posted by Sarah Kearns on

As January comes to end, we've been hard at work here with our 2021 "to-do list" of new product ranges/ideas, all the while getting to grips with post-Brexit new rules for EU deliveries and UK lockdown rules (fun!)

The good news is that as long as Royal Mail keep delivering to the EU, our orders to EU customers will still go out, and your local country's rules for importing goods  and tax from a non-EU country will apply (as if you'd bought something from a USA based company is how I've seen it described!). As always please feel free to drop me a message if you have any queries.

Over in the shed, our laser cutter is now back up and running after a unfortunate accident involving water, glass and our good friend Jack Frost! First tick off the list is our new, lightweight wooden dice tray; available in two sizes and shipped flat for self assembly so cuts down on those pesky parcel postage costs. You can pair this with our new dice tower, which fits on these and our existing sewn and collapsible trays, and some nifty card rails/player trays to keep your table organised and cheaters at bay!

Hope you all stay safe and have a better year than the last one!


Sarah :)

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